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強勢推出:劍橋大學入學考試 數學專科補習

專補 MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test)

專補 Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA)

專補 STEP (Sixth Term Exam Paper)

專補 中華人民共和國普通高等學校聯合招生考試 數學科目

觀塘 鄭SIR補習:指導US ,UK 學生 或國際學校學生考取相關數學考試,如SAT, OCR(Oxford, Cambridge and RSA), Cambridge International AS and A-level Maths, FurtherMaths, Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Probability and Statistics, IGCSE, STEP


Mathematics (MEI)-3895-3989,7895-7898

Mathmatics A-H230,H240

Mathematics B (MEI)-H630,H640

假期Intensive Course, 短期內快速指導數學答題技巧,理解概念,考取更高成績

We Provide Private Tuition for the STEP in Mathematics, A-level Further Maths, Pure Maths,

Pure Maths: 1.Algebra 2.Logarithmic and exponential functions 3. Trigonometry 4. Differentiation 5. Integration 6.Numerical solution of equations 7.vectors 8.Differential equations 9.Complex numbers

Mechanics 1: 1.Force and equilibrium 2. Kinematics of motion in a straight line 3.Newton's law of motion 4. energy, work and power Mechanics 2: 1. motion of projectile 2. equilibrium of a right body 3. Uniform motion in a circle 4. Hooke's law 5. Linear motion under a variable force

and so on

我們曾經指導多名來自US, UK,及國際學校的學生數學,並考取優秀成績

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